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During the month of June, IMAK Creations sponsored a contest to see who could write the best That Ain’t It! style trivia question. The number of quality entries was much higher than we expected and we had a tough time coming up with a winning entry. We sat around the table and went through each entry – rating it first on uniqueness/originality/creativity and then second on how interesting and educational the question was. For the top entries, we also verified the accuracy and question style.  After tallying the results, we unanimously agreed that the top-scoring entry was our 1000th question winner.

And the winner is …

Bob Hagh of Shelton, Connecticut

Here is Bob’s winning entry in the Words category and of Medium difficulty:

TOPIC: Abbreviated objects containing redundant words


  1. PIN number
  2. UPC code
  3. NASA astronaut
  4. ATM machine

We interviewed Bob by email and found him to be quite a trivia buff. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a contestant on Jeopardy one day. You can read the full interview here on our website.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We plan to have another contest in the future.  Stay tuned and look for your submitted questions to appear in a future update to That Ain’t It!


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