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Well, we missed the Great Indie Bake Off of 2008, an amazing brainstorm of Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer. We were determined not to miss the  Great App Bake Off of 2009.

Here is our first entry for bragging rights (only non-developers can compete for the iTunes gift cards and other prizes). It is for Hold On!, a “hold the button for as long as you can” application that was on the App Store the first day and attracted lots of attention. Most of the comments were about how Apple wasn’t screening apps properly to let something so non-functional be published on the App Store. Oh how things have changed.  Hold On! was developed by Anthony (the A of IMAK) who normally does all of our graphic designed. He has since updated Hold On! to include multiplayer over bluetooth.

Hold On! AppCake by IMAK Creations


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