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What a difference a sale makes!

After putting holiday sale prices of free or $0.99 on all of our Brain Blaze flashcard apps, they have all moved into the top 100 of their respective category of educational games.

The paid top 100 includes BB Vocabulary and BB Spelling neck and neck at #69 and #70, respectively. This compares with ColorTilt, our most popular app, which is currently at #28.

The free top 100 includes BB Which Word (#26), BB Word Roots (#36), BB Add (#70), BB Subtract (#80), BB Math (#85), BB Multiply (#94), and last but not least, BB Divide (#100).


We received a new review on That Ain’t It! Trivia by Keri Honea over at  “It’s really quite addictive”, says Keri, “it’s a perfect little time killer for waiting rooms, standing in line, or waiting for the meeting to start.”

We just released a movie trivia edition of our top-25 That Ain’t It! Trivia game.  That Ain’t It! Movie Trivia is available in the App Store at a holiday price of $0.99.

To help promote it’s release, we have made the following apps free over the holidays.  These are normally paid and will all be priced $0.99 to $4.99 after the holidays. HodgePodge was just released last week. Hold On! has been on the store since it opened. The Brain Blaze apps are all flashcard apps.  Be sure to add some to your collection (HodgePodge for sure – we will be adding more mini-apps to it).

Hold On!
Brain Blaze Word Roots
Brain Blaze WhichWord
Brain Blaze Math Flashcards
Brain Blaze Multiply
Brain Blaze Divide
Brain Blaze Add
Brain Blaze Subtract

Happy Holidays from the IMAK team,

Mason, Karen, Anthony, and Ian

The CapMac iPhone SIG has a nice article about our entry in the developer showcase for the 2009 Great App Bake Off.  We had so much fun baking our 4 cakes that we decided to donate a $25 iTunes gift card to the growing list of prizes that non-developers can compete for.  Don’t let your favorite app go unrepresented. Bake a cake today and submit your app cake photo to the contest before Jan 4th, 2010.  You can email your app cake photo to appcakes at

It was only a matter of time. Up until now, a developer could update their app and receive a day or more of exposure on the ‘Sort by Release Date’ page in each category and sub-category. Due to a change in policy at Apple, updates are no longer considered ‘releases’ and only the initial release date will be used in the future.

The previous system encouraged updates of applications by providing an exposure bump to developers who updated their applications. However, with 100,000 apps, this also created a backlog in the app review department.

This change is expected to encourage developers to polish their applications more before their initial release because they will only get ‘one shot’ at exposure.

A search of IMAK in iTunes is now more specific

A search of IMAK in iTunes is now more specific

Apple has made the iTunes search more specific. Previously, if we searched for “IMAK”, we would get apps from other companies. Now, only our apps show up. Also, previously if we searched for “ColorTilt”, it would also match “ColorTalk”, but no longer.

One of the most popular displays at WWDC ’09 was the display of 20,000 app icons on 20 monitors.  The app icons would bounce whenever someone purchased the app. People watched the display literally for hours, first trying to find their app icons, and then later waiting to watch them bounce. Well, I put my hour plus of time in and was able to get a shot of That Ain’t It! bouncing. Enjoy!

During the month of June, IMAK Creations sponsored a contest to see who could write the best That Ain’t It! style trivia question. The number of quality entries was much higher than we expected and we had a tough time coming up with a winning entry. We sat around the table and went through each entry – rating it first on uniqueness/originality/creativity and then second on how interesting and educational the question was. For the top entries, we also verified the accuracy and question style.  After tallying the results, we unanimously agreed that the top-scoring entry was our 1000th question winner.

And the winner is …

Bob Hagh of Shelton, Connecticut

Here is Bob’s winning entry in the Words category and of Medium difficulty:

TOPIC: Abbreviated objects containing redundant words


  1. PIN number
  2. UPC code
  3. NASA astronaut
  4. ATM machine

We interviewed Bob by email and found him to be quite a trivia buff. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a contestant on Jeopardy one day. You can read the full interview here on our website.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We plan to have another contest in the future.  Stay tuned and look for your submitted questions to appear in a future update to That Ain’t It!